Sunday, 27 April 2008

Gucci Day and Night Shopper

Starting with an old fairly unconvincing 'Gucci' bag with one broken and one missing handle and a couple of mismatched clutches, i have created a piece that i named 'Gucci Day Night'.

I like to think that you can take a bag that has been disgarded and breathe some new life into it in the hope that someone will love and look after it again.

The user can mix and match the 'daytime' clutch made from a suede purse with snakeskin PU and buckle and the 'night time' clutch complete with satin gathering and butterfly brooch.

The two clutches are attached to the bag with old trusty press studs. You can knock the basic methods of attachment.

And fitted with a new shoulder strap, the dainty mini shopper has been transformed into a more slouchy shoulder bag.

The black cotton canvas shoulder strap is complimented by the wide black painted band. A bit of fabric pain and an old cloth can do wonders to a tired old bag.

The aim was to take the fake Gucci and give it an over the top tongue in cheek make over to result in a new urban kitsch creation. I'm not saying its the best looking bag around, i'm not saying that its original or new.

But i am trying to say that with a sense of humour, a sunday afternoon, a box of odds and ends and a trip to oxfam, you can create something and save some space in the landfill at the same time.